Cutscene Pack Version 2 Available Now!

Along with the update for my miscellaneous behaviors pack, this cutscene pack has also been updated. I've been working on a tutorial video series for my resources, and it resulted in several bug fixes, new features and compatibility changes to support future resource packs.

Change Log

-Actor Aura now supports multiple auras at once.
-Scene Soundtrack now supports Cross-fade
     -minimum and maximum times between particles
     -select the amount of particles to create from a range
     -revamped the way you setup (use commas now, easier to read)
     -fixed limited particle indexes not deactivating.
-Player Control 
     -Added coyote time (leeway to jump after falling off a ledge)
     -Updated with code to support a future resource pack (sloped semi-solid platforms)
-Slide Camera
     -Custom block now accepts tweening options
     -Auto-Scroll options and new custom block
-Time Count
     -Fixed the reset option of the modify timer custom block
-Tint Screen
     -Fixed bug when tinting the screen when you already have values on the "Tint Layers" attribute.

-Synchronize animation function added to the Animation Frame Events behavior.

Several other tutorial videos are planned, including for this specific resource pack, so look forward to future updates.

Happy Stencyling!

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