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This is a resource pack containing a collection of behaviors made for Stencyl. These are reusable pieces of code that can be attached to actors or scenes. They can be used in any type of game you are developing, and work in both the public and private builds of Stencyl. The behaviors included are:

Actor Aura: creates an aura for the actor, based on its animation.

Actor Parallax: enable parallax scrolling for individual actors.

After Image: draw after images for your actors.

Color Swap: swaps colors for the actor. Comes with custom blocks to apply effects and change opacity of the color swapped image.

Die Over Time: erases an actor over time, with the option for different times based on its animation. This can be used to have several particles as animations in one single Actor Type.

Light Source: allows your actor to create a light source that masks the tint screen effect.

Particles: create several types of particles for your actors.

Player Control: platformer movement behavior, includes horizontal movement, jumping, facing, animations, camera follow, slope detection and semi-solid platforms.

Resize Scene Menu Window: resize actors using the "9-slice" method.

Save Actors: save actors created at runtime, to be loaded when you return to a scene.

Save Scene Actor State: saves the position and attributes of actors placed in the Scene Designer.

Save Status: save attributes and actor values for your actors across multiple scenes.

Scene Soundtrack: handles soundtrack options for your scenes.

Slide Camera: provides a custom block to slide the camera.

Switch Backgrounds: allows you to change the opacity of layers based on the camera's center position. Can be used to simulate background changes.

Time Count: customize several timers that can work simultaneously, with a variety of saving options.

Tint Screen: applies as many tint screen effects as you want.

It also comes with a pdf detailing some of the uses for these behaviors and configuration instructions. 

Happy Stencyling!


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