Update: Save Status Optimization 2: the Overhaul

I've been postponing a major overhaul of the Save Status and Save Actors behaviors for the longest time, so I took some time to finally do it.

  • Save Status: you now configure the values to save in a map, and you no longer need to specify the attribute type to save.
  • Save Actors: code was simplified to make use of maps, and updated to be compatible with the new code of the Save Status behavior.

If you are using Stencyl b10300, you'll need to apply the fix in the image when you import the resource pack. It's just a matter of placing the correct block at the highlighted spot.

The only real benefit is that it is now easier to configure values to save, as the gain in performance is probably minimal. If you are already using this pack in your game, the old version works perfectly fine, so no worries there.

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