RPG Elements Update

My second tutorial video is up, covering RPG elements. With it, an update to this pack has been uploaded. It contains:

  • Difficulty can now change specific indexes and keys on lists and maps
  • Added experience and money multiplier options
  • Added a print experience list option, when creating automatic experience progressions
  • Simplified debug drawing for all behaviors
  • Changed the formatting of the apply modifier equipment parameters
  • Setting initial money bug fixed
  • Added switch inventory item position custom block
  • Added margin option when drawing the active skill
  • Several small bug fixes that I forgot to keep track of.
  • Added cutscene events to apply RPG modifiers (RPG variation)
  • All Item cutscene events have been merged into one. The skill events have also been merged.
  • Interact Display now supports multiple actors. Sample game has been updated to show that
  • Item Pick Up now has a custom block to add pick up effects at runtime

Redownload the pack to get this new version.

Happy Stencyling!

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