This is a map and mini-map system for your Stencyl games. It is based on the metroidvania-style, with maps organized in cells that are uncovered as the player visits them. These cells can also hold arbitrary information, which allows you to display collectibles, bosses and other elements in your game. It works with any game genre, it's compatible with my other resources and it  includes instructions to integrate it with my Cutscene Resource Pack.


  1. Multiple player actor icons on the map.
  2. Multiple objective markers on the map.
  3. Customizable map layout.
  4. Display available areas option.
  5. Scroll through maps bigger than the display.
  6. Cell data: specify icons for specific cells on the map based on their state, and alter that cell's state. Used for bosses and defeated bosses, items and collected items for example.
  7. Uncovering map cell options: you can reveal parts of the map in a "heard of" state, like visiting a map station. You can also reveal entire map rooms when you enter a scene.
  8. Map Opacity: you can specify the opacity of the map on screen, and the mini-map has features to change its opacity in-game. Toggling the mini-map on and off is also possible.
  9. Saving and Loading: quickly save your actor's type, position and scene with several save trigger options, and load them as needed.
  10. Scene Transfer: several option for scene transitions while preserving the player actor's momentum.

What do you get:

  1. 6 Actor behaviors and 2 Scene behaviors for the map, saving and scene transfer systems.
  2. 1 actor as a save point template, and 2 actors as scene transfer templates.
  3. Documentation, explaining each behavior and how to setup maps, save points and scene transfer.
  4. Sample game project file, which includes two player actors with different map layouts for reference.
  5. All the map images used in the sample game.

Happy Stencyling!

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This is super cool! I had no idea someone could create and share an entire system like this, and this lends credence to Stencyl being what I might go with for my own metroidvania. 
If I may ask a few questions, I'm curious if the engine can handle something with the scope/size of Metroid Zero Mission? 
And is it possible to design an inventory system that could be switched over from this screen? 

For inventory system, check my RPG Elements pack. As for the inventory menu itself (item management and stuff), you'd have to create it on your own, as I have not made available my menu systems in general yet. But in general, it is possible to switch between menus, provided you code the appropriately.

This map system was inspired by all the 2D metroid/castlevania games, as well as map systems from several other games, Zero Mission included. So yes, you should be able to make something in the scope and size of Zero Mission.


Thanks a ton for your response! :) 
Once I actually learn the system better, I'll try and make a "Samus Screen" type thing. I'm currently pretty new to all this stuff, but I'm finding Stencyl to be pretty intuitive most of the time, and its nice to hear the kinda game I want to make is doable with the program. I have loads of ideas, but very little idea of how to actually implement them- so it's refreshing to hear someone express confidence in a much simpler engine like this. 


Purchased. Thank you.

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l'm a Stencyler too!

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